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Chisel - Timber

Bahco Chisel

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Timber chisels are sharpened shanks of steel used to shave and chip away the fibres of timber.

There are different types of chisels to perform specific chiseling tasks.

Type Image Physical Feature Uses
Firmer Chisel     Light, bench chiselling work. Can be struck with a mallet.
Bevel-edge Firmer Bevel-edge Firmer Thicker blade Light, paring work
Paring Chisel  Bevel-edge Firmer Thinner blade Finishing joints and all paring work
Mortice chisel  Bevel-edge Firmer Thicker and stronger blade Extra heavy work and cutting mortice joints
Scribing gouge  Bevel-edge Firmer Inside ground Cutting inside curved shapes
Firmer gouge  Bevel-edge Firmer Outside ground Cutting curved shape such as grooves


Parts of a Chisel

 The main parts of a wood chisel include the steel hoop, handle, ferrule, tang, bolster, neck, blade, bevel and the cutting edge. A full description of each part is provided below.

Parts of a chisel


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