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Compendium of Design

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Unit of Measure
A divisional system or standard used to measure lenght height depth volume or area. Metric units of measure include millimetres centimetres metres. Imperial units of measure include inches feet yards.
Synonyms - Unit of Measurement mm cm m inch feet
Two Dimensional
A surface or plane having only two measurements ie. width and length.
Synonyms - 2D 2-dimensional
Timber Plane
A woodworking tool that removes wood to create a flat surface.
Synonyms - Wood Plane
Three Dimensional
A form or object with three measureable dimensions ie. Width depth and height.
Synonyms - 3D 3-Dimensional
A line, edge or thickness that gradually increases or decreases in size.
Style Board
A Collection of images gathered onto a presentation board or digital projection to help clarify and communicate aspects of research in response to the given design brief. This usually includes influences (historic or contemporary) elements and principals of design fashion trends etc. of the yet-undesigned product.
Synonyms - Mood Board Theme Board
  1. The strategic and methodical investigation into and study of information and sources in order to be inspired
  2. Establish new facts
  3. Reach new conclusions

The ability of a design solution to fulfil or respond to a genuine need in a way that addresses a client or user's needs.

Synonyms - Design Purpose
A flat continual or infinite surface. eg. a horizontal plane.
Synonyms - Drawing Plane Drawing Planes Planes
Occupational Health and Safety
The practice of ensuring the health safety and wellbeing through preventative controls.
Synonyms - WHS OHS Occupational Health & Safety Work Health Safety
Non-ferrous Metal
A metal that does not contain iron (eg. aluminium gold silver etc.)
Synonyms - Non-ferrous
Mood Board
A form of visual stimulus these boards contain a collection of reference materials and images that describe the qualities of a client user product enviornment etc. This often includes references to cultures or sub-cultures the elements and principles of design materials production methods drawing systems functional properties etc.
Synonyms - Style Board
A natural or synthetic resource that can be processed or frabricated into a product by the use of tools equipment or machinery.
A manufacturing process, typically conducted on a lathe, in which a pattern of straight, angled or crossed lines is rolled into the material. The pattern is used to assist grip. It is commonly found on metal handles, nuts, or dials.
The connecting of two or more components or materials.
The resistance a material offers to indentation or scratching.
Graduation line
The inscribed lines or marks on a steel ruler used to indicate the divisions in the given or related unit of measure.
The ability of a product to perform its intended task.
Synonyms - Functional functionality
Ferrous Metal
A metal containing iron (eg. steel).
Synonyms - Ferrous
The scientific study concerned with the human form and its interaction with various systems of work. In design the results of these studies are used to ensure products fit users and reduces the likelihood of stress or strain while increasing productivity.
Synonyms - Human Factors
The ability of a meterial to be drawn or extruded into a wire or other entruded form.
Synonyms - Ductility
Drawings Working
A set of drawings used to describe the geometry of a engineered structure product or environment. These drawing are critical in the building or manufacturing of any part product or environment. The drawing set for an engineered structure and product typically consists of individual part drawings an assembly drawing and a pictorial view of the finished structure or product. For environments it typically includes floor plans external and internal elevations reflected light plans electrical and data data plans services plans and any engineered structures
Synonyms - Working Drawings
Drawing Technical
A drawing that conforms to the requirements of the AS 1100 - Technical Drawing. Students of design should refer to the HB-1 Technical Drawing for Students available from the SAI Global website.
Synonyms - Technical Technical Drawings
Drawing Instrumental
A drawing that has been completed with the assistance of any device that guides or constrains the drawing media. For traditional drawing media such as pencil this includes guides straight edges or mechanical drawing machines. For digital drawing systems it includes snap-grid features or the use of the CRLT and SHIFT functions.
Synonyms - Instrumental Drawing
Design Process

A series of phases and activities that a designer follows in order to conceptualise, research, design, test, market and manufacture a design solution to a given problem.

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