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Compendium of Design

A Body of Knowledge
Learn from those who designed before you.

Drawing Systems

There are a variety of drawing systems designers can make use of. Each drawing system has its own features, benefits and particular uses. The key to producing a successful visual communcation or design concept is the appropriate selection and execution of the selected drawing system. The accepted range and application of drawing systems are outlined in the table below.



Production Type


Generic Name

Specific Drawing System

Parallel Lines of Sight Orthogonal 3rdAngle (Preferred) Two-dimensional Multi-view Drawing
1st Angle
Axonometric Isometric Three-dimensional
single view 'Pictorial Drawings'
Oblique Cavlier
 Converging Lines of Sight    Perspective   One Point (Parallel)
Two Point (Angular)
Three Point (Oblique)

Applying the Drawing Systems

Each drawing systems has an application in each sub-discipline of design. It is important to understand and use each system correctly. The following table outlines their practical application.

Design Discipline

Drawing System




Elevation views of architectural facades and structures. These are typically noted elevational views as indicated on a set of working drawings. For example, North, East, South, West, or A, B, C, E etc.


Simple three-dimensional views of floor plans to help non-design trained views related to the design intention of the architectural space.

1 Point

Used to primarily shown architectural interiors.

2 Point

Used to illustrate architectural interiors and exteriors. Allows everyday people to understand designers intent.

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