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Compendium of Design

A Body of Knowledge
Learn from those who designed before you.

Instrumental and technical drawings require a variety of specialised drawing media, materials and equipment. The use of these ensures that drawings are accurate, clearly communicate their intended visual message, and ensure efficiency in preparing the drawing.

It is important that these media, materials and equipment are used as they ensure that instrumental drawings are keep clean, legible and precise. Individual definitions of the materials, media and equipment can be found in the respective sections of the website.

The recommended media, material and equipment list for senior school student should include;

Clutch Pencil    
Woodcase Greylead    
Straight Edges  
Scale Ruler    
Set Squares    
French Curves    
Flexible Rulers    
Circle & Ellipse Template    
Eraser Shield    

Professional Practice Tip

Before beginning any drawing, technical or freehand, it is important to ensure that the drawing area has been cleared and that your hands and all drawing equipment are clean. This will ensure that the cartridge paper or tracing film does not pick up any strange marks from you, the food you ate for lunch or the things you've touched in the moments before beginning to draw.


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