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Where can I find help with design?

Show Me the Resources

Design resources are everywhere - but only if your eyes and ears are open to receive them. When I was a student of design I was always amazed when my fellow students would remark on my ability to find ideas in the smallest detail of other products, find articles about design from the most obscure resource. When asked how I did it, my reply was always, persistence and perception.

As a teacher of design, whether visual communication, materials or even food, I am continually amazed by students who study the discipline of design but remain closed to the world of possibilities around them. So, before I continue to preach to an audience who is thoughtfully reading a blog to help them open their eyes, here is my advice to help you open your eyes to design.

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Keeping it simple

New style for andacod

The start of November marks a new style (again) and intent for andacod. It is now my intention to publish the side 'warts and all' in an attempt to have it available to students and teachers alike while I continue to publish the promised articles and features.

I believe it's important for students to have a site that provides them accurate information about all things art and design and I hope this site can achieve this - eventually!

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