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Top 10 modular furniture designs that are perfect for micro-homes

The majority of us live in modern and urban homes, one distinguishing factor of such homes is that we have sufficient space, but (sadly) not an abundance of it. Hence space-saving becomes an important practice we need to follow. In such scenarios, modular furniture designs can come to our rescue! They are the space-saving solutions our modern millennial homes require. Furniture designs that cater to a number of our needs, while saving space, and also managing to be customized according to our requirements, can create an open and well-distributed home. And since we find ourselves in our homes more and more these days, it’s extremely critical to have a space wherein we can breathe, move around freely, and feel comfortable in. Here are a collection of modular furniture designs that promise to help you utilize your living space as efficiently and effectively as possible!

1. D-Tach

D-Tach is a versatile stool that transforms into a small workspace designed to accommodate today’s mobile work culture. With each day, our world seems to become more and more mobile. Mobile offices, working from home, and freelance careers are increasing in popularity as we move away from corporate offices. With work culture making such a big shift towards mobile lifestyles, our home offices and furniture should reflect that.

Why is it noteworthy?

Industrial design student Andrew Chang decided to create a chair that fits the bill. D-Tach is a modular stool design that functions as a traditional office chair, only to disassemble into parts that provide a small working space on the go.

What we like

Transforms into a small workspaceFits into most modern offices

What we dislike

We’re unsure how comfortable would the small workspace be to actually work in

2. Summit

Summit is modular furniture that is designed using a geometric building block system that lets you turn it into a piece of furniture that would fit your needs. It is made up of five modules that can be assembled and re-assembled into various levels, curves, and directions, either in small or bigger installations. So whether you need furniture for a lecture, a meeting, or an office break where you can chat with your colleagues, this furniture can turn into what you need.

Why is it noteworthy?

The furniture is cushioned and comfortable enough, whatever you arrange it to be. The design can resemble those social amphitheaters that we see in open parks or even the Spanish Steps in Rome. You can also turn it into an “indoor mountain range” if you need something that is leveled. Summit lets you create an interior landscape that you can explore in your workspace without needing to bring in other pieces of furniture.

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If you’ve ever dreamed of moving to the moon and planting a garden, you just might be in luck. A new study has successfully grown plants in lunar soil for the first time.

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Understanding and changing how banana peels brown could help the world save tons of food that go to waste each year, according to a new study published in Physical Biology.

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The Zen Barn by Christopher Simmonds Architect is a home in a historic Ottawa neighborhood. It achieved LEED Platinum for homes status while maximizing on a casual, modern style. The second story is cantilevered over the first story to shade it from the sun, while a recessed courtyard allows for large windows on the south for passive solar heating. All of this work is invisible, with a light, effortless and tranquil effect to the final home.

Original author: Laura Cowan

The New Grain Control Feature in Autodesk Fusion 360 Makes Aligning Grain in 3D Models a Breeze - Core77

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Original author: Core Jr

In October 2020, Ovolo Hotels announced its “Year of the Veg” campaign. All the hotel restaurants went vegetarian for a whole year. It was such a success the hotel group decided to continue with the mostly plant-based (plus some lacto-ovo) menus. Now Ovolo is the first hotel chain to go all veg.

Original author: Teresa Bergen

Vietnam-based sustainability company EQUO raised $1.3 million in seed funding to create sugarcane-based alternatives to single-use plastics. EQUO, founded in 2020 by Marina Tran-Vu, offers plastic-free and compostable products made of coffee, coconut and sugarcane.

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Spurred on by the western megadrought, the California Coastal Commission is expected to vote this week on a controversial $1.4 billion desalination plant near Huntington State Beach. Proponents say it could help the drinking water shortage. Skeptics claim marine life will pay the price.Poseidon Water paints a rosy picture. “The proposed seawater desalination facility will provide 50 million gallons of water per day (50 MGD) to Orange County residents while using existing infrastructure...

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Tilos almost lost all of its population due to power and waste problems, however, Greek policymakers decided to use the island to test green tech.

Original author: Bonface Landi

Green Sheep Collective Architects from Melbourne, Australia answered the call from a client to create an exceptional set of townhouses. They were to be sustainable, high-quality construction with an eye for modern architectural details. We'd say they succeeded.

Original author: Laura Cowan

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