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Koorie Heritage Trust set to expand

The Yarra Building at Melbourne’s Federation Square, once destined for demolition, will soon be home to the first dedicated First Nations arts and culture centre in an Australian capital city.

The Koorie Heritage Trust, which has until now occupied two floors of the Yarra Building, will expand to all three floors in August 2023. Designed by Lyons, Greenaway Architects and Architecture Associates, the project will add an extra 600 square metres of exhibition spaces, community engagement and education spaces, and retail spaces.

“Our expansion means we are able to offer a more integrated experience for our many national and international visitors in a building that not only reflects our internal needs and ambitions, but will better showcase more of our permanent collection, increase the size and scale of our annual temporary exhibition program, and offer more flexible public spaces,” said Koorie Heritage Trust chief executive Tom Mosby.

A carved timber wall in the proposed expansion of Koorie Heritage Trust designed by Lyons, Greenaway Architects and Architecture Associates.

Image: Courtesy Architecture Associates

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For customer service and communication with suppliers, every company needs a reliable phone system that will serve as a tool for business development. There are two types of communication on the market – it is VoIP and analog telephony. To make a choice, entrepreneurs should think about the needs of the company and additional features that may be important for productive work.

What is the difference between analog and virtual phone systems?

Landline telephones, which used to be in almost every office, use analog telephony. They transmit voice data over copper wires through a series of communicators. Many companies use an analog PBX so that employees can communicate by phone between departments and receive and make calls to customers.

On the other hand, VoIP telephony does not use telephone cables in principle – the process of voice transmission is carried out via the Internet protocol, which makes it possible to refuse communicators. Instead of landline phones, the company can use any device connected to the Internet:

laptops;computers;tablets;smartphones;IP phones.

And instead of fixed PBXs, VoIP telephony has an alternative – a virtual telephone exchange, which you access through a browser. Thanks to this, companies can maintain a staff of remote employees who will get the same access to the corporate phone system as office managers through IP PBX.

Company’s expenses when connecting analog and VoIP telephony

When choosing a phone system for a company, it is important to consider how much budget is allocated and how many employees are in the state. This question is not accidental since VoIP and analog telephony have different service requirements.

Creating a successful T-shirt company requires more than just a great design. You need to have an effective business plan in place, as well. A business plan will help you develop strategies, set goals and objectives, determine the resources needed to succeed, and track your progress overall.

Putting together a T-shirt company business plan doesn’t have to be daunting or overly complicated. With research, planning, and dedication, you can easily create a roadmap for success that will guide you throughout the entire process of launching your own T-shirt business. In this article, we’ll cover the steps necessary for putting together an effective T-shirt company business plan so you can start building toward your entrepreneurial dream. For a solid and robust plan, use these business plan templates for guidance.

Research Your Market and Target Audience

Conducting research on the market and target audience is essential when creating a business plan for your T-shirt company. Frame the demographics of those who will purchase your products and services, as well as their wants and needs for your products. Additionally, you’ll want to determine how to best reach your target audience. Include an analysis of both the current competitive landscape and potential competitors in the future. Additionally, consider demographics, psychographics, lifestyle trends, geographic location, product pricing, and availability. Gathering this information will help create an effective marketing strategy that can be used to reach your target customers and maximize sales opportunities.

Develop Your Brand Identity

Developing a strong brand identity is a key component of your T-shirt company. A unique and memorable logo, slogan, or color scheme can help your products stand out and build recognition with potential customers. The brand identity needs to be consistent across all marketing materials, including product labels, website design, advertisements, social media posts, and other marketing mediums. With an effective branding strategy in place, you’ll be able to communicate the unique value proposition of your T-shirts and why customers will want to choose them over the offerings of your competitors.

Outline Your Financial Plan

Creating a financial plan is a much-needed component when putting together a business plan for your T-shirt company. The plan will help identify the resources needed to achieve success and develop strategies for managing cash flow, budgeting, pricing products, and setting goals. Outline the expected costs associated with launching and running your T-shirt business to accurately forecast profits and make informed decisions about where to allocate funds. Additionally, consider potential risks associated with starting a new business venture, such as fluctuating market conditions or changes in consumer demand. Having this information at hand will ensure that you are prepared for any unexpected costs or losses down the line.

Video games might be one of the best ways to avoid feed doom-scrolling and just chill. They have always been a great way to distract from reality, and in recent years this effect has become stronger than ever. So, one could say that it seems to be a great time for game makers to show off in the stock market, but there are some reasons why it’s not exactly like this – in 2022, the shares didn’t show particularly impressive results. Let’s see if we can find out how it happened and what video game stocks might have new high scores in 2023.

Below is a chart showing the stocks of game makers from all over the world. From the top downward – Japanese Konami, Bandai Namco and Nintendo, American Activision Blizzard and Take-Two Interactive, and French Ubisoft. For the record, if you want to make a list of stocks, you can use the Stock Screener – it helps to sort shares by the set-up criteria.

It might be surprising, but Japanese stocks haven’t enjoyed profit over the last 12 months. It’s surprising because most of the stock markets have been falling due to the economic and geopolitical situation of the world. 

First, the Covid pandemic pulled a thread: causing supply disruptions, a slowdown in game production, and a deficit of service parts for next-generation consoles. Later they postponed the releases of AAA projects, and we were treated to a decrease in sales in the PC market. Plus, we can’t forget (sadly) about the overall state of the world economy when all markets are falling down. You can almost hear the Titanic soundtrack playing in the background.

So that doesn’t sound great, but hold off on deleting your investment apps. Many experts consider that some video game stocks are likely to hike in the next 12 months. We put together the arguments for why the industry may make up for the lost time in 2023 and the list of stocks that can show growth according to analysts’ consensus forecasts.

The internet is always changing, and we could be about to see some major changes to the online world in 2023 thanks to the metaverse. If you use the internet for anything, whether it be shopping, browsing news sites, playing games, or social media, there is a good chance you have seen or heard of the metaverse. The question is, will the metaverse take off in 2023?

What is the Metaverse?

Before we look at what 2023 has in store for the metaverse, it is important we understand what the metaverse means. The term ‘metaverse’ has quite a broad meaning in that it can refer to cyberspace and does not refer to a specific type of technology. However, when we focus on the future of the metaverse and tech companies, we are looking specifically at virtual and augmented reality. Virtual reality can be experienced using a headset, and you can walk around a room, for example, as if you were really in that environment. Augmented reality blends the physical and digital worlds together, so you could be in your own room but see a superhero in that room.

Online Marketing

One area where the metaverse could really take off in 2023 is online marketing. Many of the big brands have already started to build a presence in the metaverse, with Nike being a good example. You could see pairs of trainers in your room and look at them from different angles without having to go to a physical store. Travel agents could use the metaverse to show you what it would be like in a specific destination or even something as specific as a hotel room. The options are incredible, and we expect to see many brands building their presence in the metaverse throughout 2023. Unlike regular search engines, where some brands have an overwhelming presence, the metaverse is fresh and, in a way, empty, ready to be filled.


Fortnite has been building a metaverse for some time, and that may come as news to many people. Aside from playing the battle royale video game, Fortnite has hosted concerts, movies, and television shows. Fortnite is a virtual world, and within that world, there is a social network in which users can participate in various ways via virtual or augmented reality. Epic, the creators of Fortnite, have numerous collaborations, and they are set to expand on those in 2023, with other universes joining the likes of Marvel. 2023 could be a big year for online casinos in the metaverse. Casumo online casino is one of the world’s most popular casinos, and it will be interesting to see if they and other leading casinos roll out virtual and augmented reality.

Some of the other ways the metaverse will develop in 2023 include the corporate world, with business conducted in a completely virtual environment, Web3 and decentralization, and further advancements in avatar technology. For anyone who wants to get a foothold in the metaverse, 2023 is going to be a crucial year.

Original author: Kyrie Mattos

Online there are many perils when giving out your information that may lead to identity theft and getting malware. You need to be cautious in entering sites like online casinos that require you to sign up to play. There are some that need no registrations to enter and play or kasino ilman rekisteröitymistä in Finnish that is safer and secure.

As many casino sites compete for your attention with bonuses and perks, ensuring the site’s security is vital. One way to determine a legitimate site is the quality of security measures and features that the site posses. In this article, we will discuss the ways you are protected while playing your favorite casino game.


One way to spot a legit casino site is to possess one or more valid licenses from distinguished organizations. Many credible sites have multiple certifications from both national and international regulatory bodies. These well-established online casinos ensure their operation is up to industry standards and certified by gaming boards to both get your business and stay on top of the curve.

An agency monitoring the operations ensures players that the site can be penalized for infractions. Casinos with these licenses ensure they follow any requirements to protect their players. Having certification means that the casino site has at least complied with these standards:

Third-party testing of their software for fairness, fraud detection, and moreOperators have a clean recordOpenness to their accounting proceduresPaying their license fee to the regulatory board for renewal

Data Encryption

Casinos, like any site, have a form of data encryption protecting them from hackers compromising their operation. This ensures that all online activities are encrypted to a certain level; only the casino and the players can see the information. If someone hijacks the information, the encryption will prevent the hacker from seeing it.

When you have limited space, every square inch matters during the day and at night, which is why a wall bed is a great option for those who want reclaim that precious real estate once they wake up. The daily lowering or putting away the bed can seem like a cumbersome chore though, so we can see why a motorized version like Resource Furniture’s Tonale two- or three-seat sofa wall bed would be so appealing. In under 15 seconds, the bed silently opens out or folds up with the push of a button. Because a bed is no small object, automatic sensors detect if an obstruction is in the way, whether it’s an item, pet, or person, for added assurance of safety. With its clean lines, tapered steel legs, and kaleidoscope of available leathers and fabrics, Tonale looks stylish during the day with added functionality during the night for much needed rest.

Delta Farm Press

The city of Healdsburg, Calif. has a new resource to water gardens, trees and vineyards: wastewater.

Its wastewater reclamation facility recycles 350 million gallons of effluent every year, which is then used for irrigation, construction and other areas where water is needed for operations. This reduces the amount of potable water that could be saved for human consumption and mitigates the wastewater the is discharged into the nearby Russian River.

California currently reuses 18 percent of the wastewater it produces.

Read the entire story here.

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