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ANDACOD is a design resource for all students, teachers and professionals. If you have information, learning resources, reviews, or reflections on professional practice that is not already appearing on ANDACOD, we encourage you to send it to us to expand the resources available through this website.

The website has online forms and submission portals that we encourage you to use for providing new content. To contribute, you will need to register as a user of the website and be logged in. We require you to do this so that we can verify any of the information that you provide. It goes a long way in helping reduce spamming and junk mail.

To contribute information to the Compendium of Design, you can click on the links below or use the 'Contribute' menu items. The 'Contribute Guide' below explains the process. For further help, contact us.

Contributing to the Compendium of Design

Information about design can been described from many disciplines and from many sources. If you have information you would like to contribute (articles, reviews, reflections, data, video or images), please click the buttons below or the menu items to the right. All submissions will be reviewed and verified by a team of peers before they are added to the collections. You will be notified once your contribution has been reviewed, approved, modified or requires refinement.

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