• Designer Briefs

    Designer Briefs

    Just like a super hero, the design brief needs to remain bullet proof and constantly visible. Learn the ins and outs of brief writing to ensure you always come out on top.
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    Contribute to Our Content

    We're looking for great teachers to help us develop our content.

    Contact us today to find out how you could help our subscribers.
  • Visual Thinking

    Lacking confidence with drawing skills? Fear not. Drawing is no different to riding a bike. The more you understand and practice the better you get...
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Welcome to Andrew Nicholls Design & Associates'

Compendium of Design


A resource for STEAM and Design & Technology students.

ANDACOD for Students

  • Comprehensive information +

    ANDACOD offers comprehensive information and resources related to STEAM and Design & Technology education. We provide you with a complete understanding of the design process, product design factors, design history and more...

    We aim to provide information that is clear, easy to understand and develops your understanding so you can become a more critical consumer, designer and caretaker of the world.

  • Glossary of terms +

    We want to ensure that you understand everything you read. That's why we provide a complete glossary of terms so you'll never get lost in complex language or industry terms.

    Our complete range of terms automatically appear over each and everyone of the terms used on every page. We'll even add any terms if you think we've missed them. All you have to do is just ask us.

  • Student Forum +

    Learning by yourself shows great initiative but working collaboratively allows you to extend and improve the quality of your work.

    ANDACOD provides a students access to a dedicated learning forum for STEAM and Design & Technology students. It allows you to show and talk about your ideas, workshop problems and share useful resources.

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ANDACOD for Teachers

  • Accurate and Relevant Information +

    We believe that information about STEAM and Design & Technology should be accurate and aligned with industry standards.

    We're interested in educating both teachers and students alike. We want to ensure that everyone knows the affect of good design practice on world.

  • Assessment Templates +

    Just like our planning documentation, we only use the latest evidence based educational theories to demonstrate growth in student outcomes.

    Our formative and summative assessments provide students with a clear understanding of the learning tasks. They allow the teacher to identify each student's zone of proximal development. This allows the teacher to target their learning plans to ensure each student can grow and improve.

  • Unit & Lesson Templates +

    We want to ensure every STEAM and Design & Technology class is founded on the beliefs of transdisciplinary learning.

    Our lesson and unit planners abide by this idea. We plan using only the latest in educational theory to cover the broad range of learning disciplines..

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